Sendung wurde Zugestellt (Package Delivered)

This short film is the debut of Arthur Wiechmann as a director who usually is DOP. The challenge was to tell the story in just three minutes. The setting is very simple and works out pretty well in my opinion. The increasing intensity creates a drive towards the end. What is interesting is that the film ends suddenly and leaves the audience unknown to what is actually going on. I feel it still has a certain humor which I like.



This film was really fun. It is the debut film of Jan Sykora, Sabine Biskup and Marc Ackermann and a tribute to Quentin Tarantino. We shot it in two days at one location. The film has quite a bizarre touch that is created by the seriousness of the conflict and the way the characters have to “play” it out. I like this particular kind of humor that, for me, can ideally unfold in a severe situation like this.



This clip came to be very spontaneous at one of those nights when we met in good faith for some shots. The result was this rather dark sequence. I see it as a prelude. There is a lack of dialogue which I really like. You feel that the scene is going somewhere quite specific. But you don’t know what it is, what I like even more. In the post production we were playing with some music and we added this track from John Bartmann. It sort of draws you in. It is not perfect but it has a neat effect.


People werden (Becoming People)

People werden is a scene wrote and directed by Jannika Jira. She also plays the agent. I like the play between the flirting and the actual silly behavior that my character either doesn’t seem to notice or does not care about at all. I am attracted by scenes that tend towards some level of absurdity.



Homeoffice is a comedic sequence of the rather annoying circumstances that you can find when you work from home. What I like about it is the very simple way the character reacts to the disruptions. He appears emotionally dry and seems to be pretty helpless. I personally enjoy this kind of dry humor that makes the protagonist look a bit silly and I like to play with it even in more tense film situations.

Acting, Directing, Writing, Producing

At the Window

At the Window is a very short film with just three different shots. It shows how different perspectives can be and how limited we sometimes happen to see a situation. I feel that especially the state of suffering makes us stand still when it catches us by surprise. This is what I noticed about my own perception. And the confrontation with it in a scene attracts me. What I really like is the simplicity of the clip. And when you are lucky enough you might be able to deliver a profound message with just that.

Acting, Directing, Writing, Producing